Vases & Flower Containers

Our extensive range of vases and flower containers can help create to a particular style or add height to large rooms. All prices below are for the vases only. We'd be delighted to give you a quote for the flowers too. Just email us at with some more information on what you would like!

  • nkXYuUahT6G1Rxtx3eDJzQ.jpg

    reversible vases


    £25 to hire

  • conicalvases.jpg

    conical centrepieces vases


    £7 each

  • fullsizeoutput_7c74.jpeg

    Metal Flower Stands

    Gold/Rose gold/copper

    80cm x 30cm

    £25 to hire

  • IMG_1656.JPG

    Metal Flower cubes

    Gold/Rose gold/copper

    30cm x 30cm

    £10 to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_54e4.jpeg

    tall birdcage centrepieces


    £30 each

  • crystalflowerstands.JPG

    crystal flower stands


    £20 to hire

  • tallclearvases.JPG

    80cm tall cylinder vases


    £12 each

  • mediumclearvase.jpeg

    60cm cylinder vases

    £5 each

  • 3yVQh8QDSyGiYzrVLtLwhg.jpg

    clear footed flower bowl


    £10 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5793.jpeg

    gold pedestal flower bowls

    £5 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5a80.jpeg

    mercury silver flower bowl

    £10 each to hire

  • lanternflowers.JPG

    gold lanterns


    £15 to hire including candles

  • Ivoryflowerjugs.JPG

    ivory vintage jugs

    Two sizes available

    £5 each to hire

  • barkheartvase.JPG

    rustic bark heart vase

    £4 each

  • fullsizeoutput_54bf.jpeg

    painted mason jars

    Various colours available

    £5 each

  • fullsizeoutput_2fff.jpeg

    mini mason jars

    Various colours available

    £3 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5a7d.jpeg

    crystal flower bowls


    £3 each

  • crystalvases.JPG

    crystal vases

    Various sizes and shapes

    £2 each

  • IMG_5300.JPG

    silver mercury vases


    £4 each

  • Tith-Barn-Wedding-JP-101.jpg

    mercury footed bowl

    £7 each

  • fullsizeoutput_3ab.jpeg

    silver pumpkin vases


    £5 each to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_32eb.jpeg

    mercury netted bottles


    £7 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5043.jpeg

    silver heart jam jars


    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5846.jpeg

    mini silver vases

    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_41cd.jpeg

    gold glitter jars


    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_3b88.jpeg

    gold vases

    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_1b6.jpeg

    ivory centrepiece birdcages

    £8 each 

  • fullsizeoutput_2d60.jpeg

    vintage cake stands

    Picture shown using two stands

    £4 each

  • Teapotflowers.jpeg

    vintage china teapots

    Various colours and designs

    £3.50 each

  • vintagechinacupsandflowers.jpeg

    vintage china cups & saucers

    Various designs and colours

    £1 each to hire

  • WK8fopxqTcS5MnfQN51uMQ.jpg

    vintage blue bottles


    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_5a7c.jpeg

    hessian jam jars


    £1 each to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_596e.jpeg

    twine jam jars


    £1 each to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_5a7e.jpeg

    heart jam jars 


    £1 each

  • fullsizeoutput_595a.jpeg

    bronze vases


    £3 each

  • IMG_5021.JPG

    rose gold dot vases


    £3 each to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_40b8.jpeg

    rose gold globe vases


    £2 each to hire

  • fullsizeoutput_f.jpeg

    various cylinders

    Please enquire!

  • qia75gKZTnaxTdMBD8Kj3A.jpg

    small cylinder vases

    £2 each

  • badJc5fHSgip+m3ujtWKkA.jpg

    small hurricane vases

    £2 each

  • fullsizeoutput_598f.jpeg

    stone urn & columns


    £20 each item

  • IMG_4414.JPG

    rustic wheel

    Can be used in various ways!

    £10 each

  • IMG_0048.JPG

    milk churns


    £20 each to hire

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