The Process

What to expect

ENQUIRE - Is your date available? If there are any items from our treasure collection that you definitely want to book, now is the time to ask and get it confirmed.

Consultation - During our initial consultation, at our studio in Alderley Edge, we talk about your ideas so far and look at pictures of things you like, your dress, wedding colours and start to get a feel for the day itself. We talk about your ideal wedding flowers and play with our treasures to put mock ups together and then the ideas start to flow. You’re sure to leave feeling excited and confident.

Over the coming months - Our desk days are usually filled with emails from brides looking for extra decorations/ideas/photos of things they’ve seen, updates on numbers and general questions of things they want to know. You’re welcome to come in and do this in person of course and we always like to do a final meeting about a month before your big day.

On the day - From delivering your bridal work to turning around the room for your wedding breakfast, we look after every detail and don’t leave the venue until your wedding breakfast room is perfect so you can relax and enjoy every minute of your day.

As you can imagine, Saturday appointments are rare because we are out working our magic so we mainly do consultations in the week, daytime or evening. We are equally happy to work over email and often have clients who live far away and just come over to the UK for their wedding. We are happy to work in whichever way suits you best.

To check availability or find our more information please send us an enquiry.