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Hydrangea Confetti - White

Each flower is approximately 15 - 20cm wide. Colours and sizes may vary slightly because it is a natural product.

Freeze dried white hydrangea petals

We tried to think of the lightest white thing we could think off and as we looked up we saw the answer! They look just like the clouds floating through the sky as they fall gently on the bride and groom!

£18.95 per litre    (not including P&P)


Are your petals biodegradable? Yes. Our delphiniums are handpicked and air dryed to maintain natures own colour. Our roses and hydrangeas are freeze dried as this keeps their shape and vibrant colour. Unless stated all our petals are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Do your petals leach colour if they get wet? Although we have done extensive testing on our petals please remember that they are natural products so you cannot guarantee the colour won't leach. We do stock some preserved petals - these petals are dyed and the colour will run if they get wet, this is stated in the description.

What if I can't see what I am looking for? Please email us at enquiries@tamarynstreasures.co.uk and we will make a mix up for you to suit your colour scheme and budget.

When should I order? If stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light, our delphiniums will keep for over a year. We recommend you purchase a month or two before as they will keep beautifully.

How much should I order? 1 litre provides approx 10 handfuls of throwing confetti. 1 litre will scatter on approximately 4 - 5 tables. For a traditional wedding of around 100 guests we recommend about 5 litres of confetti for half the guest i.e. the ladies!

Can I pick my order up from you? Our petals are picked and packed for each order and sent out direct from our suppliers so unfortunately you can't pick them up direct from us.

I'm in a hurry to get my order, can I order it for next day delivery? Yes you can. Next day delivery is 10 and we must receive your order by midday.


If you would prefer to order via telephone or email, please use the details at the top of this page.

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